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Saturday, May 5, 2012


I have been quite sick in the last week, and as such, have been watching a lot of TV. I would feel VERY safe saying that I have watched more TV this week than I have in the last 4-6 years total. In watching so much, I have learned a few things:
There is a lot of stuff on that isn't terribly interesting. I have yet to discover the wonder/purpose of the home shopping network.
There are a lot of very strange shows. Example: American Stuffers- a show about taxidermists. Weird. It was kinda creepy for the couple minutes I watched it. (nothing-and I mean nothing- else was on, and I didn't have any books handy.)
Commercials are painfully repetitive. When you find yourself humming the song for the Cotton: Fabric of Our Lives commercial perpetually, you start to realize how much you actually see it. 
I have been really interested to see how commercials are targeting different people. The majority of them during the day are targeting women: home care, self care, weight loss, etc. 
It will be interesting to see how much TV I end up watching in the coming weeks as I settle back into a non-sick routine. 

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